Balance Weights

API Engineering’s accomplished engineers design weights for custom applications, so please contact us if you have a custom counterweight project you do not see listed.

Balanced counterweights

API Engineering design and supply custom and production cast iron Balance Weights for a broad range of heavy lifting equipment, including:

Our Balance Weights are manufactured by vacuum casting, meaning the metal is melted and cast under a controlled inert gas atmosphere. This reduces gas porosities and ensures high dimensional accuracy, density and a superior surface finish. The weight is then sealed and primed before painting in RAL or BS colours to produce a durable, smooth and bright finish.

APIMass - Modular tractor weights

Tractor Balance Weights are typically an unsightly addition to a tractor’s exterior with harsh lines and a poor surface finish. APIMASS weights are designed with an innovative shape and superior surface finish to compliment the modern design of tractors.

Our new innovatively shaped Modular Balance Weights are available in a variety of masses and coupling options.

The tractor weight is clamped to the front hitch housing, so that no modification of the vehicle structure is required in order to install the weight.

The universal design makes them suitable for the majority of tractors and allows the additional weight to be spread evenly over both axles to boost the traction efficiency of the vehicle.

Users can mix and match our different balance weights to suit their requirements, to achieve optimum balance and traction and thereby improve their fuel efficiency while reducing tyre wear.

APIMASS is a compact counterbalance weight allowing the weight to spread evenly over both axles. We arrange all packing and logistics and ship worldwide.