Steel Mill

API Engineering can specify, supply and support capital equipment, tooling and spare components for the complete range of steel-making and processing facilities and the infrastructure associated with the mill.

API Engineering specifies and supplies tooling for tube mills including both seamless and welded pipes and tubes.

Our capital equipment is currently operating in tube and pipe, long product, sectional and strip mills on four continents.

API Engineering can provide roller tables, mill stands, cooling beds, transport equipment and most other pieces of production equipment required for steel mill operation.

Our team of experienced engineers can also reverse engineer replacements for obsolete or end of life equipment. We have extensive expertise in Application Engineering, Mechanical Design, 3D CAD, Metallurgy and Heat treatment, with all equipment being supplied with complete inspection packs and O&M Manuals.

API Engineering specifies and supplies tooling and consumables for tube mills including both seamless and welded pipes and tubes. We have been supplying the world’s top tier of Seamless Tube Mills over four continents, with tooling for more than 20 years and continue to be at the forefront of emerging technologies.

The supply of high-quality tooling with a long working-life, is vital to ensure that the finished product meets the stringent market requirements for modern pipes and tubes. Seamless Tubes in particular are a fundamental component of any modern drilling or pipeline project for the Oil & Gas industry, where precision and quality standards are extremely high. It is our goal to provide a cost-effective solution, with short supply times and lowest cost of ownership.

In Flat Product Mills, we have experience in the supply of forged and cast rolls, shears and most types of consumable tooling.

Our tooling is used by Steel Mills supplying OCTG products to all major standards and grades.

In addition, our sister company PPI Engineering, can assist with the supply and support of all rotating electrical equipment in the mill.