Vehicle Axles

API Engineering is a second-tier supplier to the Automotive and Commercial Vehicle industry. The standards we employ to supply to this demanding sector are used throughout the organisation and the benefits of this are enjoyed by our customers in a range of different industries.

We have been successfully involved in the manufacture of Vehicle Axles and Axle Components for more than a decade.

We can produce axles to your specification and design, or our in-house design team can work with you to produce an axle that meets your requirements.

We currently manufacture axles for a variety of vehicles in the automotive, commercial, and off-highway sectors including Construction, Agriculture, Mining, Forestry and Material Handling.

With the stringent quality and high precision requirements of vehicle axles, manufacturers struggle to find reliable, long-term partners at competitive price points. API Engineering are experienced suppliers and are able to produce high quality forged axles and axle components in accordance with our partners’ requirements. All our axles can be supplied semi or fully finished and heat treated in accordance with the customer’s specifications

A typical axle will be closed die forged to give a near net shape axle, this allows the grain structure of the forging to closely follow the final dimensions, giving enhanced material strength characteristics. The resulting forging is then rough machined, inspected using UT and MT before undergoing heat treatment to reach the required mechanical properties. The part is inspected before and after final machining, then cleaned, treated with a corrosion inhibitor, packaged and shipped to our partners across the globe.

Our capabilities include spline and gear cutting, along with a range of finishes such as sand blasting, e-coating, powder coating and plating.

As standard in the automotive industry, API Engineering can provide fully PPAP tested samples, prior to batch manufacturing. For more information about the PPAP tests that we can offer our customers, please see PPAP Testing.