API Engineering is a second tier supplier of Gears and Gear Components to the Industrial and Commercial Vehicle industries.

The standards we employ to supply to this demanding sector are used throughout the organisation and the benefits of this are enjoyed by our customers in a range of different industries.

API Engineering can provide our customers with full gear manufacturing support; from developing, reviewing and assisting in gearbox designs to manufacturing and inspection of finished components for gear types such as:

Our gearbox designs and manufacturing processes adhere to international standards, such as API 613, DIN 3990, AGMA 2001-C95, ISO 6336 or can be customised based on the client requirements. Gears can be carburised or nitrided based on the customer’s preferred heat treatment process.

As well as complete gearboxes, API Engineering also supplies individual part designs and components including:

Our mechanical components comply with a wide range of international designs standard including VDI 2230 for bolting, DIN 6892 for key fitting, ISO 281 and ISO 16281 for rolling contact bearings, DIN 743 and AGMA 6001 for shaft design.

We manufacture Standard Gears from a wide range of materials as well as bespoke gears to customers’ drawings, material, heat treatment and surface finish specifications. Utilising advanced CNC machines for tooth cutting and tooth grinding, we can ensure high accuracy and quality of our gears. Gears can be supplied as blanks or fully finished to the customers’ requirements.

As well as mechanical components API Engineering can also assist in the design and supply of the whole lubrication and cooling package for gearboxes including:

We can also assist our customers with full failure mode analysis of mechanical gears and their components such as investigation of bearings, lubrication or thermal systems and providing new designs and appropriate calculation data files for: