Industrial & Agricultural

API Engineering has been a leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier to the world’s pre-eminent industrial and agricultural OEMs for more than two decades.

We continue to work with OEM’s the world over to provide components and products that meet the demanding requirements of industry and agriculture.

We are immensely proud of the quality, reliability and innovation we demonstrate with each project. Our flexible approach enables us to quickly respond to changing demands and requirements.

All our components are produced by casting, forging, or fabrication and can be provided in a rough machined state or finish machined and painted to your specification. Utilising our expertise in manufacturing processes such as heat treatment, spline cutting, case hardening and e-coating allows us to deliver a wide variety of parts from axles, brackets and housings to die-cast levers and ring forgings.

Our design and engineering teams can assist with the development of your components for manufacturing, from initial idea and selection of the appropriate production methods and materials through to full batch production. Along with this API Engineering also works with our customers to improve current products and designs, with a focus on reducing costs and downtime, but also allowing us to improve strength to weight ratios and decrease production time or improve component accuracy. Previous projects have included modifying cast items for better accuracy and improved production time, converting multi-piece fabrications to single piece forgings and producing near net shape forgings.

For the agricultural sector, we can provide a range of vehicle components such as Axles, Shafts, Slewing Rings along with accessories and wear parts such as Balance Weights and Tiller Blades. We understand how critical the reliability of your equipment is to your yield and therefore implement rigorous quality and inspection requirements for every batch, including the automotive industries standard PPAP supply chain process.