Rail Based Components

API Engineering has been supplying wheels, wheel centres and tyres used in heavy industry for over a decade and to a wide range of specifications and applications.

Our wheels continue to be used in the world's most demanding locations.

Batch quantities can be from low volume crane and locomotive wheels orders all the way up to high volume orders for wagon wheels.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Couplers & buffers

API Engineering has supplied Train Couplers and Buffers to the Railway and Mining industries for over a decade. Our Couplers and Buffers are currently used in some of the world’s most demanding locations.

Our Semi-automatic Couplers are manufactured to a range of different country specific standards and are known for their high quality and durability. The Couplers are cast in accordance with customer drawings and specifications and supplied semi-finished or fully finished with locks and locking pins attached. API Engineering Couplers are designed to be compatible with a range of other manufacturers.

The buffers, one at each corner rail vehicle, are pulled together and compressed by the coupling device. API Engineering manufactures ‘Dumb’ and Spring-loaded Buffers in a wide range of sizes and connection arrangements as per customer specification. As an essential part of the connection between rail carts, all Couplers and Buffers are thoroughly inspected prior to shipping to ensure highest quality standards are maintained.

Dump cars & dump wheels

In addition to standard wagons API Engineering also supply components for dump cars and stations for both rotary and bottom dump car equipment and spares. Components include fabricated wagon frames, dump wheels and doors.