Large Shaft Forgings

API Engineering has long been a supplier of high-quality forged shafts for a range of applications and industries including motors and generators, wind turbines, gearboxes and diesel engines.

We can produce raw, rough, or finish-machined open and closed-die forgings in a both low alloy and specialist alloy steels including Non-magnetic Steels, Cr-Ni-Mo-V Steels and High Chromium Steels for higher service temperatures.

Our machining capabilities allow us to produce splined and ground shafts with high dimensional accuracy.

Heat treatment is critical to attain the mechanical properties of the required shaft. API Engineering are able to provide a range of options, such as case hardening, nitriding, quench and temper, normalising and through hardening of components.

Sizes produced are up to 18m in length with diameters of up to 2m. Our maximum forging weight is 150 tonnes.

Equipment capabilities: