Bearing Housing & Brackets

Bearing Housings provide a vital role in supporting and protecting bearings, keeping them operational in tough conditions.

API Engineering produces a wide range of Bearing Housings, Brackets and Seals for various applications

We offer a variety of housing options to suit specific bearing types including; housings for Cylindrical Roller Bearings, housings for Tapered Roller Bearings and bespoke housings for Special Bearings.

Each housing option can be supplied as pedestal (pillow block), with round or square flange or as rod-end housings to accommodate a multitude of applications and arrangements. Our Bearing Housings are typically manufactured to the customer’s design and specification and can be supplied with appropriate bearings, inserts and seals pre-installed.

Our Quality Assurance team check every housing before it ships and we send full inspection documentation. This document pack includes Material and Heat Treatment Certificates, Dimensional Inspection Reports and NDT Reports as appropriate. API Engineering is approved to ISO 9001:2015 and familiar with the standards of Europe, the UK, USA, Canada and Russia.

For OEMs we offer design support services, working alongside product designers to develop a component tailored to the application. Our 3D modelling, FEA and material database facilities allow us to ensure the finished design is compatible with your assembly and will meet the operational characteristics you require.

Typical materials include Cast Iron, SG Cast Iron, Cast Steel and Stainless Steel.  We can advise on suitable material based on the application and environment, based on the general guide below:


Cast Iron


High strength
Good damping
Good thermal conductivity

Typical Application or Industry

Standard duty
Material handling

SG Cast Iron

Higher strength and ductility

Heavy duty

Cast Steel

Very high strength
Vibration resistant

Very heavy duty
Steel-making and processing
Quarries and Mining
Cement Works

Stainless Steel

Corrosion resistant

Food & Beverage

Our Bearing Housings are in operation in a range of industries, including steel-making, aluminium smelting, quarries and mining.