Widely known as the Automotive Industries ‘supply chain process’; the Part Production Approval Process (PPAP) is used by the Automotive Industry to establish confidence in the component suppliers and their production processes.

API Engineering is working with, and continuously looking to improve and add to our list of manufacturers, which are able to achieve Level 3 approved processes.

The results of the PPAP approval process is a series of documents referred to as the 'PPAP Package'. The PPAP Package is closely related to the Advanced Product Quality Planning Process (APQP) used during the design and development of new vehicles to reduce the risk of failure.

API Engineering can assist fully in any of the stages of the PPAP testing: the PPAP Package offered by API Engineering consists of a number of documents which are formally approved by the supplier and customer: the form that summarises this package is known as the PSW (Part Submission Warrant) and includes the following:

Part Submission Warrant (PSW) – Warrant form used to identify the part number, revision level, PPAP level, reason for submission and warranted results.

Process Flow Diagrams – Representation of all process elements required to make the part.

Process FMEA – Analytical spread sheet detailing potential process failure points with numerical rankings, current controls and reaction plans. High risk (RPN) items must have proposed alternative action/controls.

Control Plan – Using the FMEA, detail of all significant process elements with inspection features, responsibilities, frequencies, sample sizes and reaction plans.

Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR) – Detailed results of at least two samples from the first production batch.

Material Performance Test Results – Detailed chemical and physical properties of material traceable to a lot or heat number, including heat treatment requirements.

Certification of Compliance and Conformity

API Engineering offer PPAP to ensure that our customers receive products of the highest quality and reliability. As a result of the PPAP testing, all products will need to secure approval by the customer prior to batch production.